As of January 2020, all shipping carriers have increased their rates, affecting our ability to continue offering flat-rate shipping. We still ship to anywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Orders are primarily delivered via USPS Priority Mail. Your package should arrive within three business days after it has been prepared and shipped. We are a small-batch manufacturer (our products are made in small quantities to ensure quality and freshness) so fulfillment may take a day or two. The average time between purchase and delivery is typically 4-5 days. You will receive a tracking number as soon as your order ships so you can follow your package and know exactly when to expect it.

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We do not ship internationally at this time.

Shipping in Warm Weather

During warmer months, there is an increased chance of some products melting while in transit. To help prevent this, we line all packages containing heat-sensitive products with insulated wrap and ship with a reusable cool pack at no additional cost to you. Also, these orders will only go out on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays to ensure delivery (assuming there are no delays with the postal service) by Saturday. That way your products won't be sitting idle in a hot mail truck all Sunday. If despite these precautions an item you order still melts, leave it sealed to avoid spilling and set it in the freezer for a little while — it will harden up and be just as good as before :)

Delivery Day

Please make sure someone is home when your package arrives so it is not sitting outside in the heat. You can track your order with your shipping confirmation, and we'll also notify you when your package is en route the day of delivery. Consider having it delivered to your office if you will be at work. Do not leave your package in the car.

Melted Body Butter

Melting will not affect the quality of your body butter. It will still be wonderful for your skin but its texture will change. Our body butters are whipped, meaning they're made with tiny air bubbles to give them a fluffy, creamy feel. When they melt, these air bubbles collapse and the body butter will take on the consistency of a salve in its new solid state. The lack of these air bubbles also decreases the product's volume so the jar may appear less full. If you'd like, you can easily restore the fluffiness of a melted body butter by pouring it into a mixing bowl while liquid, setting it in the freezer just until it's begun to solidify, then re-whipping with an electric mixer.

Melted Product Policy

We do not replace products that have melted because they are still usable. If a product melts during shipping and leaks through its sealed packaging, contact us promptly so we can resolve the issue.